Research Update Workshop

RPI2.0 hosted our annual Research Update Workshop at Brian O'Hara House, Hamilton on Tuesday October 9th 2012. Academically recognized scientists presented their research on a variety of topics such as typhoon landfall, hurricane intensity, European windstorms, and the effects of climate change on severe local storms. The workshop offered our members the opportunity to not only keep up to date with the progress and early findings of current RPI funded research projects, they were also given the opportunity to liaise with scientists to ensure that their business needs remained a focal point of the research.

On Wednesday October 10th 2012, we invited our members and scientists to join us at the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) presentation held at the XL Group, Hamilton, hosted by Ross S. Stein, cofounder and GEM Scientific Board Chair. GEM looks at a new approach to calculate, manage, understand, and reduce seismic risk worldwide. They would like to make insurance more affordable through greater penetration in emerging markets, and would like to foster public-private partnerships and insurance pools.