Research Update 2015

RPI2.0 will host its annual Research Update Workshop at the O'Hara House, Hamilton on Wednesday September 23rd 2015. Academically recognized scientists will present their research on a variety of topics to RPI's members. The workshop will offer our members the opportunity to keep up to date with the progress of currently funded research projects and the opportunity to liaise with scientists to ensure that their business needs remained a focal point of the research.


Mark Guishard - Welcome and Workshop Overview
James Elsner - Towards a Seasonal Prediction Model for Tornado Activity
David Prevatt - Development and Validation of an Engineering-Based Approach to Predict Tornado-Induced Damage to Residential Buildings
Gregor Leckebusch - Sensitivity of Clustering of Extra-Tropical Storms
Shawn Milrad - Observed, Anticipated, and Explained Trends in Ice Storm Frequency, Duration, Areal Coverage, and Intensity, and their Association with Atmospheric Blocking Patterns
Scott Kulp - Changes in Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Vulnerability since 2000: A National Assessment
Mark Powell - Integrated Kinetic Energy: An Alternative Metric for Tropical Cyclone Impacts
Davin Wallace - Hurricane Impacts in Bermuda from Annual to Millennial Timescales
John Wardman - Geological Hazards: Looking to New Areas of Research for RPI