Crowd Sourced Seasonal Hurricane Forecasting

As part of the RPI2.0 effort to enhance the value of seasonal hurricane landfall forecasts, the Risk Prediction Initiative hosted an evening session on crowdsourcing seasonal hurricane landfall forecasts at the AMS 30th Conference on Hurricanes and Tropical Meteorology. The session's purpose was to solicit input from the scientific community on a variety of topics related to the development of a crowdsourced seasonal hurricane forecast. Among the session's participants, and with only minor "dissents", there was significant consensus, as well as excitement, that the crowdsourcing effort was a worthwhile effort; would further forecast efforts and provide a uniform platform for assessing seasonal forecast skill; and offer insights into the usefulness of crowdsourcing forecasts. Given the community's response we feel that RPI2.0 should move forward with the crowdsourcing experiment. View presentations from Weather Predict and RPI on seasonal forecasting and conclusions and crowd-sourcing hurricane forecasts in our feature in the RPI Member's area.