Extratropical Storms

Extratropical wind storms are among the most destructive natural catastrophes and a major driver for insurance losses. Our support of industry defined research on European storms helps to improve the understanding of variability in associated insured losses.

RPI is working with leading experts to enhance the scientific understanding of windstorm variables and their relation to insured losses.

To help our members improve the industry applications dealing with extra-tropical cyclones, RPI funds relevant research projects and offers presentations at RPI hosted workshops.

  • Workshop on European Winter Storm Modeling

    The main discussion points of this workshop were scientific views on clustering and frequency variability of European winter storms. RMS model developers and RPI scientists gave presentations on these topics and others, with plenty of time allotted for interaction between Member companies, model developers and independent scientists.

  • Extreme Surface Winds in North Atlantic Extratropical Cyclones: Present and Future.

    The intensity, frequency, and path of extratropical cyclones are integral components of the Earth's climate system. Changes in the climate system might increase the maximum windspeeds of extra-tropical cyclones. Gary Lackmann presented a RPI funded modelling study of the potential effects to members in September 2011.

  • Variability of Severe Extra-Tropical Wind Storms on Different Time Scales and Related Loss Potentials

    At the RPI Research Update workshop in 2011 Gregor Leckebusch presented new results of predictability studies of European winter storms. Precursor phenomena and lead times were discussed, in addition to the variabilty on seasonal to decadal time scales.