Member Services

RPI membership includes a variety of services that are customized to meet your needs. Through consulting our network partners, we will find the answers to your questions and present the results in a distilled form.

  • In-house Presentations

    We help to answer the most important questions about the science of extreme events posed by the RPI members. After consulting our network partners we present the results in a distilled form in your office. On request of the member, an appropriate and renowned scientist joins the RPI team for the in-house event. As an example, topics presented may include a seasonal outlook, updates and headlines of RPI funded research, dynamical model results and their current skill, as well as the latest insights into new developments in commercial risk modelling.

    Membership includes, as a minimum, one in-house event at the sponsoring company with a focus on renewal dates in January, April or June.

  • Funded Research

    Together with its members RPI selects and funds research projects that meet our high-quality standards and address key questions relevant to the (re)insurance industry. Recently, climate science has focused on multi-decadal to centennial time scales that are of little near-term interest to reinsurers. RPI funding has a clear focus on shorter timescales to provide more relevant information and stimulate innovation where it is needed. RPI funding includes hazards in which there is a large ratio of expected additional value per unit funding. These are presently under-researched natural disasters, emerging risks and opportunities of interest to the (re)insurance world, and innovative methodological science with the potential to improve current risk estimates.

    RPI members have access to the results of funded projects prior to their published dates allowing sponsors to benefit from this information in advance of their competitors.

  • Risk Modeling

    The increasing costs and the evolution of commercial risk models into very complex systems with varying intra- and inter-model ranges of results are causing concerns about the credibility and implications of their forecasts. The value of RPI’s risk model lies in its simplicity and clarity in underlying assumptions. Explore the design of experiments, create your own uncertainty estimates and get an independent test of a risk model's skill in forecasting insured losses produced by hurricane landfalls.

    RPI offers its members the free usage of our CLIPPER risk model.

  • Science Workshops and Conferences

    As losses from various extreme events continue to increase, innovative science needs to be stimulated in under-researched fields, as RPI successfully did with hurricane research in the past. RPI host cross-disciplinary workshops and conferences with scientists from different fields with analogous techniques and problems. To address these issues, experts in relevant methodologies are invited to collaborate and work towards a common solution.

    RPI continue to sponsor other workshops such as the International Summit on Hurricanes and Climate Change, where the top global tropical cyclone experts meet and discuss the latest theories in the field. As a result of RPI’s efforts, members of the (re)insurance industry continue to interact with scientists and make these meetings business relevant.

    RPI members are invited to attend these events and get direct contact with the scientists and/or have access to electronic copies of the presentations given after the event.

  • Science Competitions

    Unresolved research problems most relevant to the RPI members are turned into science competitions. These competitions challenge the science community and “outsiders” to find optimal solutions to well-specified problems. Our members have access to the results and, thereby, the opportunity to improve product designs ahead of their competitors.

  • Fellowships

    RPI offer fellowships that bring promising young scientists to Bermuda to learn and work on topics of interest to the RPI members. These fellowships host young scientists at RPI to raise their awareness of insurance problems and initiate long-term relationships between the next generation of world-class scientists and the (re)insurance industry.

  • Web Based Information

    Our website is utilized as a valuable communication tool to bring our members closer to the active scientific community. Publically available information relates to current RPI services and products, while our members and premium users have access to enhanced member services, including but not limited to, the latest research updates, links to publications that could have an impact on the (re)insurance industry, and the results of our science competitions.